Glacial Essence 106.3'' Large Oversized Corduroy Sofa

Upholstery Color: Velvet Beige

Delve into the pure allure of the Glacial Essence Corduroy Sofa, inspired by the serenity of untouched snowscapes and the pristine elegance of a mountain's shadow. Evoking the calming hues and textures of vanilla-infused snowfall, this piece is a testament to tranquil beauty combined with modern minimalism.

Boasting a unique tofu block design, reminiscent of tranquil tatami room aesthetics, its frameless form offers a refreshing take on contemporary seating. Spanning three individual 0.9m sections, the seamless flow between each unit exemplifies the essence of simplicity, unbounded by traditional constraints like armrests.

Cloaked in a cutting-edge velvet fabric, the sofa exudes luxury with every fiber. Not just a feast for the eyes, the fabric's technological advancements promise both resistance to wear and enduring beauty, marrying form with function. Inside, a cushiony core provides peak comfort, while the voluminous back bag lends a cloud-like feel to your lounging moments. A versatile adjustable pillow complements the design, ensuring optimal comfort tailored to your desires.

Presented in two meticulously chosen shades, each harmoniously aligned with nature's serene palette, this modular beauty adapts to your space and vision. Let the Glacial Essence Corduroy Sofa transport you to a realm where contemporary design waltzes with age-old tranquility.

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