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What Are the Best Pet-Friendly Fabrics?

Anyone with a pet can attest to the wear and tear our furry friends can inflict on furniture. From claw marks to shedding fur, pets present unique challenges to maintaining pristine couches and chairs. Choosing the right pet-friendly upholstery fabric is crucial to avoid frequent and costly reupholstering due to damage from your pet's antics. Although no fabric is completely immune to pets, some materials are significantly more durable and resistant. In this article, we'll explore the best fabrics for pet owners and recommend some of the top upholstery brands that cater specifically to households with pets. Stay tuned for our guide on making your home both stylish and pet-proof!

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Leather and synthetic

Leather and synthetic leather furniture are top picks among pet owners for good reasons. These materials are highly resistant to stains, odors, and punctures, making them ideal for homes with furry friends. Loose pet hair easily comes off with a simple swipe of a dry cloth or dust brush, and most spills can be cleaned up quickly using just soap and water, or another cleaner recommended by the manufacturer. Moreover, both real and faux leather do not absorb allergens, making them an excellent choice for hosting guests who may have pet allergies.

Although real leather boasts superior puncture resistance, both real and faux leather can suffer from damage due to aggressive cat scratching. Dogs that are drawn to natural materials may also pose a risk if they tend to chew, potentially damaging a real leather sofa. For those on a budget, real leather may be prohibitive due to its higher cost and limited design options. However, the advancements in faux leather and vinyl upholstery have made these materials more appealing and durable, perfect for withstanding the playful antics of pets. These alternatives are not only more cost-effective but also available in a diverse range of colors and textures to seamlessly blend with your decor.

Explore our extensive selection of vinyl and faux leather upholstery fabrics, designed to enhance any space in your home. Top brands such as EverSoft™, Sunbrella® Horizon®, Morbern® Bayside, Nauga Soft, and Ultraleather® offer options that are exceptionally resistant to abrasion, odors, and stains. These synthetic options provide the plush feel and detailed grain of real leather at a fraction of the cost. Whether for your living room, dining area, or even outdoor spaces, our high-quality faux leather and vinyl options promise durability and style.

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Microfiber, unlike water-resistant materials such as vinyl or faux leather, requires prompt attention to spills and stains to prevent damage. Additionally, it tends to attract pet hair, necessitating regular cleaning with a vacuum or lint roller to maintain a tidy appearance.

One of the standout features of microfiber is its tight weave, which is devoid of loops, preventing pets’ claws from catching and damaging the fabric. This makes it an excellent option for cat owners, as the smooth, suede-like surface reduces the likelihood of claws piercing through. With regular claw trimming, this fabric can withstand considerable wear and tear, making it suitable for homes with active pets.

Ultra-microfiber is celebrated for its luxurious, suede-like texture that offers both supreme comfort and a touch of elegance. This material retains its shape, resists sagging and stretching, ensuring your furniture remains in excellent condition over time. The fabric's tightly woven structure keeps out dirt and dust, which are easily removed with a medium-bristle brush. Additionally, its resistance to odors and stains makes it an ideal choice for households with energetic dogs, providing both durability and style.claws


While there isn't a single miracle fabric that completely withstands the challenges pets bring — from stains and odors to the wear and tear of claws and chewing — we've shared insights in this blog on the upholstery fabrics that best handle the demands of living with dogs and cats. Based on our expertise, we also recommended some top choices for pet-friendly fabrics. Still undecided about the best fabric for your home and pet? We suggest ordering samples. We offer samples of all our upholstery fabrics, readily available for shipping. Pick your favorites, test them out in your space, and see which ones meet your needs.

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