A dog in the living room sitting on the sofa

What Is The Best Type Of Couch Material For Pets?

On the quest for the perfect couch? The crucial factor isn't just about aesthetics or style; it's about durability against paw prints, shedding fur, muddy paws, and whatever else our furry companions might track onto the sofa. But what truly distinguishes the top-notch couch materials for accommodating our canine friends?

At Corduroy Depot, the team combines their expertise to develop products that are pet-friendly and durable. They emphasize two critical factors: the material's resistance to stains and its ability to endure the wear and tear from pets' claws.

Dogs in the living room

Discover Your Ideal Sofa Fabrics for Pet-Friendly Homes!


When it comes to pet-friendly furniture, leather emerges as a top contender. According to experts in the field, opting for a distressed leather couch is the way forward, resonating with the sentiments of many pet owners. However, steer clear of overly smooth leather surfaces. Not only are they more prone to scratching, but they also compromise the durability of the material itself.

Ensuring that you're investing in genuine leather is paramount. There have been reported instances where well-known furniture suppliers have employed synthetic alternatives, leading to issues down the line. Additionally, some manufacturers may blend thin leather with synthetic backings, which can result in premature deterioration. To avoid such pitfalls, always look for the "genuine leather" seal as a mark of authenticity.

Outdoor Fabrics

For outdoor furniture, the spotlight shines on performance-oriented fabrics, particularly outdoor acrylic. Formerly reserved for patio cushions, this fabric has now found its way into indoor spaces due to its impressive attributes. Notably, its colors are infused with dye during manufacturing, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy. Cleaning is a breeze, as it effortlessly responds to spot treatments and even bleach solutions. However, be prepared for its durability – once you invest, you're in it for the long haul!

Tight Weaves

When it comes to fabric choices, prioritize tight weaves. Fabrics like canvas, denim, microfiber, or tightly woven twills are ideal candidates. Their structure allows dirt to roll off effortlessly, making maintenance a breeze for pet owners. With these fabrics, you can rest assured that your furniture will withstand the wear and tear of daily pet life while maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

Shield the Sofa

Opting for the "choose any sofa and just cover it" tactic is common, but it's not the only solution. Take for instance our customer who strategically navigates pet battles. "We simply drape blankets over our sofa," he shares. "I can't bring myself to prohibit our furry friend from the sofa, so we're no strangers to frequent laundry days! Our pet particularly adores a sherpa-lined blanket for cozy snuggles."

Yet, constant blanket coverage may not be your preference. So what's the alternative?

Curiously, it hadn't crossed his mind until consulting with experts. Despite having a pack of dogs roaming his home, they're not permitted on the couch sans blanket. Some might perceive this as expecting complex logic from dogs! However, according to him, it's not that intricate. If a dog hops on the couch without the blanket, he gently moves them off, lays down the blanket, and signals they can now settle in. "They catch on surprisingly fast," he remarks.

Perhaps that opulent velvet sofa isn't as far-fetched as it initially seemed. With some extra effort and perseverance, it could certainly become a viable option.

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