Glacier Valley 116'' Large Oversized Corduroy Sofa Sleeper

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Upholstery Color: Gray Corduroy

Introducing the Mountain Majesty Series' epitome of elegance: the Glacier Valley Large Oversized Corduroy Sofa Sleeper. Inspired by the pristine landscapes where white snow meets rugged mountains, this ensemble marries mid-century modern designs with the ethereal beauty of nature.

The sofa's pronounced track arms and delicately tapered dowel legs recall a time of artful craftsmanship, reminiscent of mountaintop lodges overlooking serene valleys. Built upon a solid and engineered wood foundation, it stands as a testament to both endurance and refined artistry.

Swathed in a harmonious blend of white and gray corduroy, this sofa evokes the contrasting visuals of snow-capped peaks against rocky terrains. It's more than just a tactile treat; it's a visual journey through nature's serene palette.

The Glacier Valley Corduroy Sofa Sleeper bridges time, offering the timeless charm of a bygone era while effortlessly infusing contemporary nuances. It promises to be the tranquil sanctuary in your living space, reminiscent of alpine serenity.

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