Alpine Whisper Large Corduroy Sofa

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Size: 31.5" H X 102.36" W X 39.37" D

Introducing the Alpine Whisper Large Corduroy Sofa from the Mountain Majesty Series – a pure embodiment of modern simplicity kissed by nature's pristine hues. Exquisite in design, this sofa pays homage to the ethereal beauty of snow-covered peaks, capturing their silent elegance and serenity.

Adorned in lavish white corduroy, its surface beckons with tactile allure, renowned for its sumptuous softness and durability. Beneath its inviting exterior, the seat cushions are a master blend of foam and latex, offering both support and unparalleled comfort, reminiscent of the welcoming embrace of a snowy ledge. The back cushions, generously filled with a luxurious blend of down and synthetic fibers, offer a sanctuary of softness, allowing moments of reprieve and relaxation.

Its architectural foundation is a durable solid wood frame, a testament to its enduring strength. Poised gracefully atop refined solid black wooden legs, its presence amplifies the sophistication of any space it graces. Choose the Alpine Whisper Corduroy Sofa, and let your living space echo with the timeless elegance and tranquility of snow-laden mountain peaks.

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